Malacryl® Klassik

Malacryl® Klassik

Solvent-based matt interior renovation pain of wet scrub resistance class 2. Suitable to be used on polystyrene.

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  • Solvent-based
  • Highly covering
  • Very good stain insulating effect on surfaces soiled by nicotine or dried-up water spots
  • Does not dissolve polystyrene
  • Adhesive and impact-resistant
  • Low tension
  • Low aromatic content

Suitable substrates in detail

Ideal for blocking nicotine and dried water stains

  • For wall and ceiling areas with nicotine and water spots, in need for renovation
  • Particularly stressed wall areas (e.g. in restaurants or similar)

Average consumption (short text)

Approx. 6 - 7 m2 can be coated with 1 L of paint. This corresponds to a consumption of approx. 130 - 180 ml/m2.

Technical information
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