Simply attractive – magnetic filler!

With Magnet Filler LEF you achieve smooth, invisible presentation surfaces that offer up space for creative ideas in seminars.

Magnetic Filler LEF is the absolute highlight in ALLIGATOR's range of fillers. It not only fulfils achieves a wonderfully smooth wall, but also fits in perfectly with the wall design. In terms of individuality and value for money, this product surpasses all classic magnetic wall systems.

The ready-to-use, magnet-active filler makes everyday office life easier and creates order in the kitchen, study and children's room. Numerous customers are already highly convinced of its versatile design options, for instance in combination with the decorative

interior wall techniques from ALLIGATOR - Art Velluto, Art Nobile or Art Caltino.

The dispersion-based filler compound with metal powder can be painted over several times and can be applied up to 3 mm thick in one application. Neodymium magnets are recommended for optimum adhesion. Due to their complete coating, they leave no abrasion on the surface.

Do not wait any longer and inspire your customers with individual, magnet-active surfaces!