Diffundin-Holzfarbe +

Diffundin-Holzfarbe +

Water-thinnable, silk-flat wood paint for covering paint coatings in exteriors. The coating is protected against early algae and fungal infestation thanks to the approved Guard-technology.


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  • Integrated isolating effect
  • Diffusion capable
  • Very good adhesive strength on timber, NF-metals, zinc, plastics, renders/plasters
  • Optimal flow
  • Elastic
  • High covering power
  • High yield
  • Easy to apply
  • As ALLFAcolor-product many shades can be achieved

Suitable substrates in detail

  • For woods of limited or non stable dimensions
  • Non-ferrous metals
  • Synthetics
  • Renders/plasters

Average consumption (short text)

approx. 130 - 150 ml/m2

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