Simply smooth surfaces!

We will tell you which fillers are suitable for this.

Large and uneven surfaces are always a challenge if you want the result to be an even and smooth wall. Especially when under pressure in terms of time and budget.

In order to meet these requirements, paste-like fillers are perfectly suited for such projects. 

One of ALLIGATOR's top products on a dispersion basis, Leichtspachtel grob LEF, is the true all-rounder in terms of application possibilities. This filler has been providing true inspiration for more than 20 years with its ease of application and high filling power. It can be used with a trowel or with airless equipment and worm pumps. Regardless of how Leichtspachtel grob LEF is applied: The crack-free drying process up to 6 mm layer thickness is just as convincing as the outstanding sanding and felting properties. It is solvent- and plasticizer-free for safe indoor use.

Those who want to go one step further in terms of healthy living are best advised to use Kieselit-Leichtspachtel LEF from ALLIGATOR. The bestseller among ready-to-use fillers offers excellent preventive protection against mould on wall and ceiling surfaces. At the same time, Kieselit-Leichtspachtel LEF is naturally siliceous and thus offers little allergenic potential. Not only does it stand for a healthy indoor climate, but also for easy use. This filler is suitable for hand as well as spray application. It also has a high filling capacity and is easy to sand and felt.

The ALLFAtexx filler fleece is the top system product for both Leichtspachtel grob LEF and Kieselit-Leichtspachtel LEF. Under the motto "Reinforcement instead of repeated filling", this represents the optimum team solution for substrates which normally require two coats of filler.

Rational, fast and clean, you will easily achieve the perfect result: a flat and smooth surface. Dust formation, daily cleaning of machine equipment and pot life are a thing of the past.