The colour design software for the painter's trade

Would you like to show your true colours? The colour designer_online enables you to virtually design interiors or facades in colour, making it easier for you to choose the right colour or the right creative technique. 

The "Ideas" section provides some excellent inspiration on the basis of preselected sample images and tests the effect of different colours and colour combinations.

Or you can create your own individual picture under "Design". Both interiors and façades can be designed solely based on your own ideas.

This enables you to give the your customer an impression of the later building design even before the execution and thus not only help prevent potential complaints, but above all emphasise your competence in terms of colour design. The ALLIGATOR software colour designer_online offers a practical range of house examples in photorealistic representation and you can also use your own images. The application is user-friendly and the functions are arranged on the basis of the work sequence.

This service can now be used free of charge via the Internet without having to install the software on your own PC. 

If you would like to benefit from the professional processing of your own image, we also offer an individual image service. For this purpose, the digital photo is loaded into the system and processed by experts so that the individual building surfaces and components can then be individually coloured.

There are no boundaries to colour and speed - until the customer is satisfied with the design!

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