Spritzspachtel grob LEF

Spritzspachtel grob LEF

Highly filling synthetic dispersion based surfacer for walls and ceiling areas in interiors.


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  • Very good filling power
  • Solvent- and plasticizer-free
  • Adherent and impact-proof
  • Free of fogging-active substances
  • Diffusion-capable
  • Very good sanding properties

Suitable substrates in detail

  • As thin-layer coating on concrete elements and bonded stone blocks
  • For wall and ceiling areas
  • For surface qualities of Q2 to Q4

Average consumption (short text)

approx. 1,600 g/m2 per mm layer thickness

800 KG Einweg-Container 4002822022327 874548
40 KG Hobbock 4002822022402 877688
25 KG Hobbock 4002822018979 841778
25 KG Polysack 4002822005238 748535

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