Magnetspachtel LEF

Magnetspachtel LEF

Ready for use dispersion-based surfacer for the production of magnetic-active interior wall areas for attaching plans, maps and notes.

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  • Ready-for-use
  • Dispersion-based with metal powder
  • Can be recoated various times
  • Flexible application purposes
  • Adhesion of magnets directly on the wall
  • Solvent- and plasticizer-free
  • Diffusion-capable

Suitable substrates in detail

  • Enables the creation of magnetic-active walls for attaching plans, maps, notes etc.
  • Application areas are offices, conference rooms, schools, nurseries as well as areas in private living quarters, such as children`s rooms etc.

Average consumption (short text)

Approx. 2,500 g/m2 per mm layer thickness

25 KG Anthrazit 4002822024116 887172
12,5 KG Anthrazit 4002822024109 887171

Technical information
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