Mineralputz R

Mineralputz R

Mineral heavy render with corrugated texture. Tested within the ALLFAtherm insulation systems.


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  • Weatherproof
  • Diffusion capable
  • Mineral render as per DIN EN 998-1
  • Low soiling tendeny
  • Excellent properties in terms of building physics
  • Very good application properties
  • Excellent adhesion on all mineral substrates
  • Water-repellent as per DIN V 18550; W 2 and DIN EN 998-1
  • Resistant to mechanical stress
  • Low tension
  • Biocide-free

Suitable substrates in detail

  • Uncoated concrete
  • Sound and solid, mineral old paint layers and renderings

Average consumption (short text)

with 3 mm approx. 3,200 g/m2

Technical information
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