ALLFAtexx AQUATECH-Glasvlies

ALLFAtexx AQUATECH-Glasvlies

Water-activatable white pigmented glass fleece, pre-glued on the reverse side, for an efficient application in the field of large-scale projects.

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  • Efficient application
  • Savings of costs and time
  • No additional glue required
  • Homogenous adhesive strength
  • Sophisticated, noble surfaces
  • Tox-free as confirmed by test certificate
  • Equalizes surfaces of different textures
  • Pre-coated in white
  • Fibre texture slightly visible
  • Easy to renovate - Recoatable without any treatment

Suitable substrates in detail

  • For bridging hairline and shrinkage cracks
  • Equalization of different roughly textured substrates
  • From private dwelling to highly stressed objects
  • For economic and contemporary interior designs

Average consumption (short text)

1 m/m2

50 m² GV 130 A 4002822025779 895685
25 m² GV 190 A 4002822025786 895686

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