Sol-silicate paint according to DIN 18363 part 2.4.1 with nanotechnology for exterior coatings on mineral and organic substrates. Due to best values in terms of building-physics, a high alkalinity and a moderate hydrophobicity, protected against algae and fungal attack. Biocide-free.


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  • Self-cleaning effect due to photocatalysis
  • High resistance to chalking
  • Minimization of efflorescenses of potasch
  • Biocide-free protection against algae and fungae due to a moderate hydrophobic treatment
  • Highest colour consistency (acc. to BFS-Fact Sheet No. 26: Klasse A
  • Outstanding adhesive power also on organic substrates
  • Silicification with mineral substrates
  • Highly permeable to CO2

Suitable substrates in detail

  • Listed façades
  • On renovation renders according to WTA and on dehumidifying plasters
  • Calcerous substrates
  • Mineral and organic substrates


Average consumption (short text)

approx. 130 - 160 ml/m2

12,5 L Weiß 4002822007454 787037
5 L Basis 1 4002822024222 887473
12,5 L Basis 1 4002822007447 786987

Technical information
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