Ready for use universally applicable silicone resin façade render with scraped texture. Tested in all ALLFAtherm insulation systems. The product  is protected by the well-proven Guard technology against early algae and fungal infestation on the coating.


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  • Weatherproof and water-repellent
  • Impact-proof
  • Highly diffusion capable
  • Water-dilutable
  • Low water absorption
  • Large colour variety
  • Synthetic dispersion reinforced with silicone resin
  • Suitable for the application on concrete, base renderings ETICS and sound and solid coatings

Suitable substrates in detail

  • Concrete, base coats
  • Sound and solid existing paint layers

Average consumption (short text)

with 1.5 mm approx. 2,500 g/m2, with 2 mm approx. 3,000 g/m2, with 3 mm approx. 3,600 g/m2

25 KG 1,5 mm 4002822028787 916247
25 KG 2 mm 4002822028732 916202
25 KG 3 mm 4002822028749 916243

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