Pigmented, silicone resin based primer for interior and exterior application, to be thinned with water at 20%.

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  • Pigmented in white
  • Quarz-filled
  • High grip for following render/plaster coats
  • Very good adhesion promotion
  • Highly diffusion capable
  • Water thinnable at 20 %
  • Of low odour
  • Alkali-resistant

Suitable substrates in detail

  • Poor to medium absorbent substrates
  • Provides firm, sound substrate with a good bonding capacity for following coatings
  • Adhesion promoter for following silicone-resin paint coatings and renderings

Average consumption (short text)

approx. 150 - 250 g/m2 of the undiluted product

20 KG 4002822003715 731722