Anschlussleiste PLUS

Anschlussleiste PLUS

Connecting fabric profile as sealing profile with fabric stripe and integrated compressed joint sealing tape für connections to windows and doors.



  • With integrated expandable joint sealing tape
  • Non-ageing
  • Weatherproof
  • Firmly connected fabric stripe
  • High adhesive strength
  • Limiting border (gauge) for the application of reinforcement compounds
  • Self-adhesive flap for fasting of cover sheets
  • Creates uniform joints (no cut, no permanently elastic sealing compound required)
  • Fabric stripe based on Gittermatte (identic quality - no mismatch)
  • UV-resistant
  • Driving rain proof
  • Can be processed with all reinforcement compounds of the ALLFAthern thermal insulation systems

Suitable substrates in detail

In all ALLFAtherm insulation systems.

For windows that are mounted recessed into the embrasure, flush or within the insulation plane.

  • Recomended for window constructions that are mounted recessed with an embrasure depth within the shell of the house of minimum 80 mm.
  • Additionally recommended for window constructions that are mounted into the insulation plane, the insulation boards of which do not show a firmly adhesive bonding close to the edges and / or in combination with a low shear-resistance of the insulating material (mineral wool 035 Extra / Optima).
  • Additionally recommended for window construction that are mounted flush to the façade, with insulation boards that to not show a firmy adhesive bonding close to the edges and in combination with insulating material of low shear-resistance (Mineral wool 035 Extra / Optima).

Serves as formation and sealing of connections between ALLFAtherm insulation systems and adjacent building parts.

Average consumption (short text)

1 m/m

25 Stück 2,4 m 4002822030995 936181

Technical information